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After 20 years of continuous development, Dalian Special has become one of the big special major supplier of standard gas market, we successfully developed a variety of new products to fill the gap, the National Laboratory (CNAS) approved gas production companies.

Dalian Special consistently adhering to continuous innovation and development of business building ideas, efforts exposure to high-purity gases, gas and industrial research and development of standard gas mixture; products are widely used in petrochemical, coal chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, scientific research, environmental protection, health care and other areas, many user groups. We also continue to work closely with research institutions educational institutions in an effort to product excellence, and constantly develop new products, and actively participate gas national standards revision and validation.

Dalian Special will be Chinese gas field's most respected companies. As in the past through our attention and investment in human resources, project research, product development and production of special field to ascend in China influence; this is the integrity of the supremacy of the enterprise, because we are to a higher standard to comply with commercial credibility, ethics and codes of conduct, and constantly strive for excellence, and strive to become a model of the same industry; this is a trustworthy enterprise, because we give customers with stable and reliable products at the same time also provide comprehensive information and attentive service.

Dalian Special will together with other enterprises to jointly committed to the development of China's gas industry, also will make the peer companies pay homage to us, because we have the power to make each new products to become the leader in the professional field, and our success at the same time, we have always maintained the highest standards of occupation morality and products quality.

The road of the development of world without end, we are willing to join hands with friends from all walks of life and enter, create a better future! Is the so-called "a thousand sails had, by sea sail Fen first", then, and the community is willing to colleagues!




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